Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I am waves, ocean, water.
I am calm, gentle, peaceful like a house on a hill.
But just like a newborn puppy I can be big, bold, 
and I will make storms much bigger than you can imagine. 
And when I get deep, I get dark, and when I get dark, I get dangerous. 
I live anywhere you can think of and have lots of  different moods
 so next time you pop in for a splash, make sure  you take good care,
 before you go to get a scare


  1. I like how you described the sea in Many different ways. And you used lots of punctuation. What I like the most is when you said "when I get deep, I get dark, and when I get dark, I get dangerous. I also like the end bit

  2. I liked how you used lots and lots of descriptive words and not just: "when you get into the pool be carefull" you used: "so when you go into the pool for a splash, be warned, you might need to get out and dash" The thing that you might need to improve on was when you said: "but just like a newborn puppy, I can be big, bold" because puppies aren't really that bold or big. (Apart from my cousins pug who is only 1 year old but isn't very scared about anything)

    Please put a comment on my blog,


  3. I like how you said that you are the storm because I like storms

  4. I love the way you put full stops, capital letters and comers. But I don't think a puppy can be big and bold.

    Good luck Charlise K


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