Wednesday, 21 June 2017

!! Climbing up the high ropes !!

It felt like everyone was a tiny little ant standing helplessly on the base of The earth.
There’s others that are on top of the world struggling to get to the end of Their destination.

Aaaaaand, then there's me. At first I was excited but also very, very untrustworthy of the person belaying me because I could obviously see that he wasn’t paying enough attention when he was getting the belaying ready, 

Instead he was telling me jokes about how other people were acting when they were scared ( Which wasn’t very helpful ).   
The weird thing was though, I was on top of the world but still thinking that I was a tiny little ant.

I got up 4/8 bars before they were getting to hard, ( the last one I got up was taller than me ).
I didn't end up climbing any other high ropes but I had a really fun time on the ladder. 

Afterwards I felt really proud of myself for what I had done,
I mean seriously !!
I climbed that ladder like a, a, a very scared ant, but I still think I did really well.

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