Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing writing

“Oh no… OH NO!
How dare you.
You're. not. 
Your once favourite thing,
is now so depressed, discarded,
lying helplessly in a bundle of clothing awaiting happiness.  
Ready to flood itself in a monsoon of tears. 
so depressed and, and,  furious at you!”
How do you feel about this?
And like, I know that I didn't really 
like and appreciate that I had to smell the
most horrible thing, in the world, 
Every day,under the arms. 
But other than that it was fine. 
I was once a silky fabric with beads on the bottom. 
But now I am plain, plain as can be. 
My colours have drifted far far away like a big puffy
orange cloud slowly running away from me 
like I'm a big bad monster.
Then I see him as he comes up to me.
This is It!
I start to feel a little tickle running up my back and
butterfly's in my stomach. 
He grabs me firmly, this is one of they only times I've 
been happy in a LOOOOONG time. 
But then I hear him say something to his friends.  
“ look at this rubbish old thing, I think I better get it 
to the op shop before all my other clothes get the disease of oldness”
I frown, I start to get angry, but then I remember that he's right,
I am old, I should go to an op shop. 
My beads are torn and My silk is gone, now I am just fluffy and annoying. 
He puts me in a bag and take to and op shop. 
And that is where my story has to end. 

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