Sunday, 2 July 2017

Science blog week 8

Balloon rockets
What is force ?
Force is what makes things move  ( a push or pull motion )
So just like Newton's first law of motion ( inertia ) an object will only move if a stronger force push or pulled it
If a car tries to push a bulldozer it won't work because it isn't a strong enough force.
 But if a bulldozer try's to push a car it will work,
 and the car will move because the bulldozer has a stronger force.  
And if there is a big acceleration the push is probably going to be big as well (since the car doesn't have a very big acceleration the push won't be the same). 
How do you make it ?
What you will need: some string, a straw and a balloon of any sort. 
How you make it: attach your string with a little bit of Sellotape tape onto a chair or table or anything else,
Then a put your straw through one side of the string and attach that side of the string to another surface.
Then with another bit of Sellotape attach your balloon onto the straw, blow the balloon up, and then let it go!!
What I did
On my first attempt I noticed that we should put more air in the balloon because it didn't make it to the end. 
And for a few turns after that it was just kind of getting worse and worse, like when there was a knot in the string, and don't even remind me of when the balloon actually fell off the straw and farted away from us. 
But after a while it started to get better, I think that's because we made the balloon bigger.
And then actually got to the end of the string!!
Overall I noticed that the main time it took for the balloon to stop was around 1 second. 
What I wonder
I wonder what would happen if I tried to make something 
that was run by a balloon. 

This is what it looks like. 

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