Thursday, 28 September 2017

Arts reflection

Art sculpture
What is found object art: found art is everyday objects turned into a sculpture, something that isn't just going to go into the trash.
What did you make: I made a phoenix shelf, I chose to make this because my favourite thing is a phoenix and Gen said that I should make something that will solve a problem in my room and I needed more space to put things.
What was your inspiration: I didn't actually have an inspiration, i just knew that I liked phoenixes and I needed a place to put lots of stuff in my room because at the moment it just looks really messy.
What went well: I finally got some cardboard so that I could do my sculpture ( most of it is cardboard ) and also another thing that went well was when I figured out how to get the paint out of the paint container because there was only a little bit left.
What would you change/ do differently next time: I would change the inside of the box because I feel that it was a bit to extreme but the outsides of the box were calm and looked better.

A success being: able to get the paint and hot glue that I needed because I wasn't able to find a hot glue stick, because there's only so many and it's always from someone else's house so I have to beg them to let me have one.

A challenge: when I accidentally put a big blob of paint the colour that I didn't want on the phoenix

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