Thursday, 28 September 2017



So There was one time that, I was at a friends house.
And there was another time, I went to school in the rain, and a stranger offered me an umbrella, but told me to give it back after schooI, I mean seriously, who does that?    

And there was another time that I jumped of my bed, trying to fly, and then started whimpering. Because I ended up with my face flat on the carpet floor, are you getting me here a carpet floor, carpet. And I'm pretty sure that while I was off the ground it looked like I was trying to resell the air and wave my arms like a maniac.

And I’m just letting you know, that I was definitely, definitely like 5
when that happened.

wait, that was really boring wasn’t it.

What if I told you that I hallucinated that, there was someone, or something living in my wardrobe and then I saw it leaning over me on the side of my bed, right next to me.


Do you KNOW how scary that would have been if it was real and I wasn’t just hallucinating. DO YOU. What about you over there.
Do YOU know how scary it would have been.

I thought that there was someone or something living in my
closet and then I saw it right next to me in front of my own eyes.
I thought it would be SO scary. And guess what, its face was HIDEOUS.

I wasn’t even afraid at this point, I was just kind of disappointed that there
was supposed to be this big scary monster living in my closet with probably blood dripping eyes and mouth but instead it was just this really fat thing with a wide open mouth and some dark blue eyes, there wasn’t even a knife in it’s hands.

And that was only one time in my life, there’s been heaps more, but I only have time to tell you one more.

So I use to have an imaginary friend that was a dragon and he was... AWESOME!!!!
He had the power to become small and cuddle up with me at night.
And to help me sneak carefully into the pantry and rummage through the biscuit tin.

And his favourite power is to make ME. NOT you, ME. his favourite thing was to to make ME happy by roasting my marshmallows.

But again these are only some of the childhood memories that I've had.
There's been heaps more but unfortunately I don't have enough time to talk about all the rest today because there's just too many, maybe next time.

By Trinity

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